Highlights from London College of Fashion’s 2016 grad show.

Collaboration is cool”, said Gayane Arzumanova when interviewed backstage. Her work proved this; she used heat-manipulated leather created by Beth Wilson and adorned each look with a dramatic headpiece by Yui Jiang. The motive behind the collection was to capture the idea of a transient moment, a notion communicated through sculptural silhouettes which appeared to have been frozen in motion. Ruffles cascaded down the bodies of models like waves, whereas silhouettes were largely deconstructed – one excellent example was a dress which looked to have once been a marbled leather jacket.

Nick Knight, Chaos and Showstudio for GARAGE Magazine


Five of the best collections from London College of Fashion's 2016 graduates.

Arzumanova, Wilson and Jiang worked together to create a collection based on moving objects frozen in time, using heat-manipulated faux leather.
 Basheba "Platinum and Gold" music album. Animism White Look is on the cover.

Basheba "Platinum and Gold" music album. Animism White Look is on the cover.

 Wallpaper Magazine

Wallpaper Magazine

Simone Steenberg, Devin Howell


                   Rob Phillips, James Rees, Kirsty Gaston, Ezana Ove


Evening Standard

London College of Fashion students provide a week of graduate shows with its high point.

…being graduate fashion, the show was not without its more eccentric moments. Gayane Arzumanova’s womenswear creations were accessorised with moulded latex masks, created with the help of textiles designer Beth Wilson and jeweller Yui Jiang.

             Backstage at Press Show BA16/ Photography by Lucie Rox/ Dazed 

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Working together, Gayane Arzumanova from BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear, Beth Wilson from BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Embroidery and Yui Jiang from BA (Hons) Fashion Jewellery, have combined their very different skills and expertise to create their Class of 2016 collections that will be appearing at the show.

Annie Lai/ Una Nam Ho/ Crystal/ Bianka